Season 5

We’re launching a new season of Menopodcast and even recorded a preview of what’s to come. (Check that out.)

This time, instead of reading one book for a whole season and discussing a chapter per episode, we’re going to zero in on one of the topics we’ve learned about so far in our journey, and each episode will be a deep dive into that particular subject.

We’ll roll up our sleeves and talk about things like: Hot Flashes, Heart Health, Hormone Replacement Therapy, Diet & Fitness, Sex, Reinventing Your Life in Midlife, and many more issues like that, one episode at a time.

We’ll synthesize what we’ve read and learned in the previous 4 seasons, plus we’ll interview experts and – hopefully – hear from you, our listeners, as well. Thanks for joining us for Season 5!

Episode One: Hot Flashes!

Episode Two: Hormone Replacement Therapy

Episode Three: Hearts & Brains

Episode Four: Healthy Lady Parts

Episode Five: Exercise

Episode Six: Interview with Darcey Steinke

Episode Seven: Interview with Ashley Koff RD

Episode Eight: Interview with Dr. Michelle Gordon

Episode Nine: Interview with Rachel Lankester

Episode Ten: Skin & Hair Care for the Midlife Woman

Episode Eleven: Season 5 Wrap-Up