Season 3

Season 3 of Menopodcast is here! We’re back in action, with a new Bible and a terrific guest (in Episode 3). The book we’re reading this time is Menopause Confidential by Dr. Tara Allmen – and we LOVE it! (You can purchase the book via our affiliate link and we’ll get a tiny bit of cash from Jeff Bezos and the team at Amazon – so thanks!)

Enjoy the season and – hey, if you have a minute – please subscribe and tell your friends!

Dr Tara Allmen Menopause Confidential

We’re Back! – Episode 1 (Season 3)

Hot Flashes and the Estrogen Roller Coaster – Episode 2 (Season 3)

Special Guest Sandra Tsing Loh – Episode 3 (Season 3)

Meno-fog and Your Vagina – Episode 4 (Season 3)

Wrinkles and Weight Gain – Episode 5 (Season 3)

Gray Hair, Breasts & Colonoscopies – Episode 6 (Season 3)

Pap Smears, Bone & Heart Health – Episode 7 (Season 3)

Hormone Replacement Therapy – Episode 8 (Season 3)

Women’s Health Studies Explained (aka Why You Fear HRT) + Season Wrap-up – Episode 9 (Season 3)