Julia and Sarah met on Maui in the 1970s as kids, grew up together and have been friends ever since. They coincidentally both picked Los Angeles as a place to live and the movie industry as their choice of careers.

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When Julia started a blog in 2006 (Julia’s Mexico City) and then another (Safety Graphic Fun), she inspired Sarah to start one (Mar Vista Mom), and then another (MomsLA). They’re still blogging, and now they’re talking – to you.

Menopodcast is a weekly conversation about Menopause between two friends who are knee-deep in it.

We talk about the physical changes that are happening to us, the emotional roller coaster it can be, what to eat, what not to eat, what’s helping (what’s not), and everything else you can imagine.

And yes, we talk about hot flashes.

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Sarah Auerswald and Julia Frey are the team behind Menopodcast.

Sarah and Julia, co-hosts of Menopodcast