Skin and Hair Care in Midlife – Episode 10 Season 5

This episode we dive in to skin and hair care for the midlife woman. Turns out some of what we all experience – the wrinkles, the crepey skin, the spots – that’s just a product of aging, not due to menopause.

Not much comfort, really, but oh well! What can we do? Turns out there are treatments that range from cheap and easy to expensive and complicated.

From over the counter to prescription-level treatments, pick whatever works for you and your budget! We’ve got a list below of some terrific products to try via our Amazon Affiliate links.

Listen to the episode now on iTunes.

In this episode, we chat about all the things we’ve learned about skin – why and how it ages – and what can help you keep it as fresh as possible. Some things are as easy as remembering to wash your face daily, and using extra moisturizer. Plus don’t forget the sunblock!

But if you want to take it to another level, you can get into prescription meds, dermatological treatments, or surgery.

As usual, there’s more info in the show. Check it out and let us know what you think.

Skincare Products For Midlife Women

(Each product can be purchased on Amazon via our affiliate links.)

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