Dr. Michelle Gordon Interview – Episode 8 Season 5

Our guest this episode is Dr. Michelle Gordon, founder of Menopause Movement and creator of the MenopauseWorkshop.com, among many other accomplishments.

The Menopause Movement Facebook group is a community of women learning to flourish through menopause and life. Michelle is the author of Managing Menopause: The Ultimate Menopause Guidebook, a guide to life in the menopausal years. She’s also co-author with Chef Cassandra Cotoia of Menopause Movement: Recipes For Living: A Cookbook For Menopause and Beyond.

Get Dr. Gordon’s FREE download The Menopause Blueprint by clicking here.

She founded Menopause Movement when menopause hit her out of the blue with embarrassing hot flashes, crippling self-doubt, stubborn belly fat, and raging moods!

Unable to find help (even as a doctor), she studied for 3 long years. Through trial and error on herself she began to thrive.

Dr. Michelle Gordon

The result was a transformation in her life (not just menopause). She lost 50 pounds, her moods became even, she became happy.

She tells us about how she got there and how she wants to help 1 Million women to do the same thing for themselves via her Menopause Workshop

Check out the episode to hear more.

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