Darcey Steinke Interview – Episode 6 Season 5

Our guest this episode is Darcey Steinke, author of several books, including the just-released “Flash Count Diary: Menopause and the Vindication of Natural Life.” (affiliate link)

We talk with her about the things she learned while writing the book, including the fact that only a handful of animals go through menopause besides us – and one of them is killer whales, which we find fascinating!

Ms. Steinke spent a great deal of time learning about the female killer whales in the Pacific Northwest, paying particular attention to one called Granny (or J2), who was said to be 105 years old and was the Matriach of her pod.

The stories of the whales are enthralling.

Menopause is stigmatized

Steinke says, “I knew so much more going into both menstruation and pregnancy than I did going into menopause.” And we couldn’t agree more.

The author says that “Menopause is one of the great mysteries of Biology,” and that fact doesn’t help us as we navigate the change of life.

Check out the episode to hear more.

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