Book Wrap-Up – Season 4 – Episode 11

This episode marks the final chapter of What Would Virginia Woolf Do? (Affiliate link) by Nina Lorez Collins – and Sarah and Julia are very sad the book is done. It’s such a good read! We love the author’s style and voice – and have appreciated her honesty and willingness to share personal details from the beginning. Highly Recommend.

We also want to recommend the Facebook Group of the same name that Nina created even before she wrote the book. It’s a safe place to share and there’s an amazing engagement rate among members. Someone will post a question and within an hour there will be 150 responses! Check it out.

Listen to Season 4 – Episode 11 now on iTunes.

What Would Virginia Woolf Do? By Nina Lorez Collins – Season 4

Heads up! Our next episode we will be answering your BURNING Questions on the air and live on Facebook. Send us your questions – via email at – or via FB Messenger – or post it right on our Facebook page.

Let us know what you think – and if you bought the book. (We hope so!)

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