Gray Hair, Don’t Care – Season 4 – Episode 10

This episode is an interview with Anne Kreamer, author of Going Gray: What I Learned about Beauty, Sex, Work, Motherhood, Authenticity, and Everything Else that Really Matters” (Affiliate link). And we loved speaking with her!

She has a new, mission-driven company with her daughter called -they are selling beautiful wrist cuffs, and we totally recommend checking it out, too!

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The book is great because, first of all, Ms. Kreamer is a terrific writer, and secondly, because she really takes the time to look at what gray hair means to us as American Women. Our society has us believing that women with gray hair are too old, not sexy, and over the hill, but of course that’s just not true!

Anne’s experience with letting her hair revert to its natural color mirrors some of Sarah’s experience, but Sarah is fully committed, even though she’s currently experiencing what Anne calls “a Bad Hair Year.”

Anne gave us some wisdom about clarity and the notion of what really matters, and that for her, the superficial things, like hair color, just really doesn’t matter.

Not to mention the copious amounts of time and money she (and so many of us) have spent on coloring their hair. In the book, Anne estimated that she spent $65,000 over almost 25 years of coloring her hair. Just think about that! What if you could have all that money back? What would you do with it??

And beyond that, what if you could have back the amount of energy and time you spent worrying about what people thought about you and what color your hair is? A lifetime of joy probably exists there! So let it go, people, let it Damn Well GO!

Anne Kreamer today with her fabulous hair

We really loved this book and we recommend you read it. And once you’ve read it, please check back and let us know what you think. Plus let us know what you think about Gray Hair – and whether you’re still coloring your hair or you’re going with the gray crowd!

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