Show us the Money – Season 4 – Episode 9

This week Sarah and Julia read chapter 8 of What Would Virginia Woolf Do? (Affiliate link) by Nina Lorez Collins – and this chapter is entitled “Work & Money”.

This chapter is filled with many, many fears about getting older. And not having enough money. Sure, we may also worry about health problems, but how much they will cost to care for and where will the money come from?

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We hear from our friends who feel they can’t let their hair go gray because they have to get work and compete against younger women and men’s perceptions. And just because we’re married doesn’t mean we don’t worry as well. That means we have two of us to care for as we age!

What Would Virginia Woolf Do? By Nina Lorez Collins – Season 4

We both feel strongly that we don’t want to have the cost of our care to fall as a burden on our children, so we are strongly motivated to make a bunch of money and set up our Estates well.

Sarah sometimes wonders – what if she had chosen a different path? What if, instead of staying home with her kids she had continued working? Certainly her family would be in a different financial position now if she had, but regretting a choice like that isn’t super productive, so she’s trying to move on.

It’s important for women to have their finances and end-of-life plans in order, whether you’re married or single, a parent or not, and we want to encourage everyone to get started on that. Start by looking – and not being afraid to do that. Then be able to make changes you want to see happen.

Let us know what you think – and whether you feel in charge of your financial life. (We hope so!)

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