Ah, Beauty – Season 4 – Episode 6

This week Sarah and Julia read chapter 5 of What Would Virginia Woolf Do?” (Affiliate link) by Nina Lorez Collins. And if you haven’t listened to our interview with her we recorded 2 weeks ago, go check that out – she is amazing!

Chapter 5 is entitled Beauty, and it’s all about what we see when we look in the mirror – and what we choose to do about it!

Listen to Season 4 – Episode 6 now on iTunes.

What Would Virginia Woolf Do? By Nina Lorez Collins – Season 4

Sarah and Julia would both describe themselves as Minimalists when it comes to their Beauty Regimens, in fact, they might even scoff at calling what they do a “regimen”. But Nina talks about doing quite a bit more for herself, including having used Botox for years.

The chapter has a great list of all the treatments one could use to try turning back the clock on an aging face, like Fraxal lasers, Fillers, and microdermabrasion. Sarah has tried a handful of them, Julia not so many.

Neither Sarah & Julia have any interest in getting a Facelift, but they would both prefer to not have age spots on the face or hands. In fact, they both agree that the hands are a dead giveaway, even if the face looks good. (Cruel, maybe, but accurate.)

The author makes a great point in the chapter about how much our appearance matters to us, even if we aren’t willing to go the whole nine yards. We all have a line we won’t cross, that we wouldn’t go out without, and we fully accept that reality.

On the other hand Sarah & Julia make the point that a woman who exudes confidence, attitude, and has something to say is a very attractive person, whether or not she conforms to conventional standards of Beauty.

Listen to the episode and let us know what you think.

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