SEX – Episode 2 Season 4 – Chapter 2 of “What Would Virginia Woolf Do?”

This chapter is all about SEX and it’s so frank and honest and open, it makes us love author Nina Lorez Collins even more than we already did! Her book, What Would Virginia Woolf Do? (affiliate link) is our Bible for Season 4 and she is slated to be a guest on the show coming up!

Listen to Season 4 – Episode 2 now on iTunes.

Ms. Collins talks about her own sexual journey from pre-puberty to mature adulthood, and it’s full of fascinating stories and anecdotes. We HIGHLY recommend reading it.

What Would Virginia Woolf Do? By Nina Lorez Collins – Season 4

Sarah and Julia aren’t QUITE as frank and open about their own personal stories – some things are better left unsaid (or for another time) – but they both do discuss a bit about their sexuality and how it has changed.

They both fully support women becoming more open to feeling sexy and want to encourage everyone to “do their homework” – remember “Use it or lose it.”

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