We’re Back! – Season 3 – Episode 1

Welcome to the new season! It’s been a minute since you last heard from us, but we’ve been up to a lot! Julia has been in and out of the country – and is back in.

Sarah’s turned 56 and is letting her hair go gray, which she has both good and bad days with…

Julia has been trying a new dosage of HRT and is hoping to wean herself off, over the next year or so, so is in an experimental stage. Sarah has been feeling generally good, but over-indulged in wine last week and paid the price with a nighttime hot flash. ugh.

Listen to Season 3 – Episode 1 now on iTunes.

We talk about how this season is going to be about changes beyond those happening in our bodies. We’re in a process of reinventing ourselves and so we’re going to spend time talking about how all of us can reinvent ourselves in menopause.

We introduce the new Bible – and we love it!

Dr Tara Allmen Menopause Confidential

Menopause Confidential by Dr. Tara Allmen.” (affiliate link) We read the introduction and chapter 1 – and we are loving how clear and concise the Dr.’s writing is. She talks about estrogen and how important it is to a woman’s body – to all of her body. She also says that “…once we’re menopausal, we’re always going to be menopausal; there is no END.” So that was a bummer. But we’re adapting.

That’s it – see you next time!

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