Learning Is Constant – Season 2 – Episode #7

AGAIN with the low volume. Apologies, dear listeners.


Technical difficulties! Sarah’s volume is too low. We are ever learning.
Bible Study: More medical part of the book. Discussing HRT and Heart disease. Exercise, stress reduction, certain supplements can help ease symptoms and help with aging. Don’t smoke!

No hot flashes!

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Stressful week for Julia, but did well not to fall into old habits. Julia has lost 15 pounds! Sarah has been working on not snacking as much in the afternoon. Plus had 4 work related lunches that were a bit out of control. Chicken waffle Sandwiches anyone? Much talk about our ways of eating less when trying to lose weight.

Bible Study – Silent Passage – (affiliate link) The Menopause Gateway

More medical part of the book. Discussing HRT and Heart disease.

Women who are victims of menopause. Julia felt like she was a victim of menopause because it makes her feel her age. Not even thinking you are in menopause or perimenopause at a certain age. We are in denial or not well enough educated!

Women are told to take calcium, ideally in your 30’s, to stave off bone density. But not told that seriously or at all when visiting the doctors in our 30s.

Letting go of worrying about Being Right or Being wrong and what will happen if we are wrong?  At our age, we are feeling stronger about our positions at work. Changing our language when we communicate. Not going to worry about offending people anymore. We have experience and know what we are doing.

Then discussing calcium – where to get it in your food. Sweet Potato Toast!!!!!!
Yams and sweet potato also have estrogen.

Meditation – really making a difference in centering and staying calm in stressful situations.

>>Small interruption as Julia’s daughter asks for yogurt!<<

Back to the chapter:  Single most important thing in your menopause is getting good rest!  Julia is very grateful that she is an fantastic sleeper. Never had a big issue with falling asleep or getting enough sleep. Arianna Huffington is a big endorser of sleep

Some women can get allergies late in life and in menopause. Sarah has started getting asthma lately and it affects her more when exercising.

Note about getting a lot more exercise. “Take your WalkMan™ with you.”

Self care is crucial for good health. We all need to find whatever makes us feel healthy and rested – massage, exercise, meditation. Also good for heart health – Folic Acid

Don’t smoke! Both of us were never interested in smoking. Both our dad’s were heavy smokers. Also, smoking is expensive.

Then conversation about how cocktails are expensive – talked about women during the Oprah era who started an investment group and used money they saved by NOT going out to invest.

Stop smoking – save money

Cut down on animal fat – save money

Cut down on trans fats

Exercising – weights and 30 minutes brisk walking every day. Sarah did an aerobics class inspired by last week’s discussion of movement learning. And felt her brain and body were working equally hard.

Bone loss – critical to keep exercising and to take calcium supplements

Balance and strength are also critical.

No hot flashes!

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