You Are What You Eat – Season 1 – Episode #10

The ladies had good night’s sleep and it makes all the difference. They are both in a good place! Julia’s not happy with the fact that she’s been coming home from work too late to see her daughter before bedtime, but hopefully that won’t last. Sarah’s college son has now started classes and has touched base via Facetime.

The ladies wonder when how long their menopauses will last? Sarah’s back on her period – and it was a big shock – and she’s annoyed that she’s had to stock up on tampons and pads! Expensive and they are taxed – how is that fair???? 

Julia’s hoping that she’s done with menopause by the time her kid is ready for college.

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Photo by Epicurrence on Unsplash

Bible Study – Chapter 6 – Foods and Supplements to Support the Change from The Wisdom of Menopause

Julia has started taking the Fish Oil for her Omega 3s and got her husband to read the chapter on heart health and it has made him want to talk more with his doctor. Julia also started taking Calcium/Magnesium/Vitamin D supplements and EmergenC to get vitamin C and B12s, but no Coenzyme Q10 yet. Sarah found hers at Costco. Better price!

Sarah feels it would be helpful to find an herbalist who could help her navigate all the supplements that Dr. Northrup recommends and find out what would be best for her body. Makes Julia want to go back to her Gyno – and get some questions answered. She feels the chapter empowered her to do that.

The chapter being about food, Julia focused on soy snacks. Edamame and soy milk have appealed to Sarah, Julia has wanted to try roasted soy nuts. Sarah wondered about an herb she mentioned called Joyful Change. The name alone is good! And may be helpful for hot flashes, so it deserves some exploration. Sarah needs to schedule her cardiologist follow-up…

We bemoaned the often-repeated prohibitions against drinking alcohol, eating fried foods, etc. found in the book. Sarah has slowed down on wine, but has found giving up on coffee has been much harder. Julia suggests adding decaf, but Sarah thinks this is a bad idea, especially for her husband…

Sarah spoke with an older woman friend who talked about all the sex going on with the men and women in their 70’s and 80’s – hot stuff! Good to know the drive is still there in the future. And yet another good reason to stay healthy!

How Hot Was Your Flash? Sarah had none this week and slept well except for the nightmare about her son being stolen by aliens. Julia had two – she thinks – but because they’re so rare, she’s not 100% sure. Hers are very low-key; no sweat involved. We feel the book gives great advice about making these changes – just start with one thing at a time. Julia, by the way, can do a plank for 1 minute!

wisdom of menopause by Christianne Northrup

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