Good Bone Health – Season 1 – Episode #7

This week while continuing our education into “what menopause is supposed to be like” we feel the disconnect between what we are actually experiencing. Both of us have kids at home and years to go before retirement.  We also discuss that we are not the oldest parents we know, which is interesting.

Photo by NeONBRAND on Unsplash

Bible Study – Chapter 12 from the Wisdom of Menopause –  “Building Healthy Bones” We liked this chapter – found it a good reminder of things to do for better bone health and not too “scoldy”.

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Julia noted how everything is connected. Your bone health relates to your overall health. There’s a checklist in the chapter about things that put you at risk and fortunately, we don’t have many of the things on the list. 

We were thrilled to read in the chapter about a study where women in their 70s did a strength training program and had very positive results not only on their strength but on their bone density as well. Dr. Northrup talks about working out in order to LIVE, as opposed to “living to work out”. Both Sarah and Julia were athletes as kids, and the studies support how important that is to your lifelong health. (Thanks to our parents for encouraging-forcing?- us to do that!)

Discussion turns to how busy we are, and yet how critical it is to find the time to exercise. Or MAKE the time. 

wisdom of menopause by Christianne Northrup

How Hot Was Your Flash? – No flashes this week.

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