Birthdays! Season 1 – Episode #6

(Episode recorded in Fall 2017)

Photo by Audrey Fretz on Unsplash

We chit chat about our week and our kids’ Summer Camps as school is about to start. And Sarah has turned 55, with an 18-year old son now – a big birthday week for her family.

We chat about Menopause fashion – and a thing called MenoCore, which is based on something called NormCore, and resembles the wardrobe from the movie Annie Hall. It says COMFORT to us, so we’re all about that. Although Sarah has wanted to dress like a GrownUp lately, and then we discuss our personal styles.

Listen now to Episode 6 on iTunes.

Bible Study – Chapter 2 from the Wisdom of Menopause –  “The brain catches fire” and it was not as much about the brain as we thought it would be. The crux of the chapter is that the changes that happen in Menopause are as big as the changes that happened in puberty. Which is fascinating and hilarious as we think about what we were like at 11 or 12.

The chapter talks about attitude being very important to how you get through menopause and beyond. We wonder – is happiness really your choice? Or do our circumstances really define our attitude? And we talk about our own dispositions – Julia has a sunny outlook and Sarah has some fears she feels may have held her back from some things. Comparing our suffering/issues to others’ just keep us stuck in our intellect, rather than staying in the emotions. Sarah wonders about the line between feeling your feelings and wallowing in them. (affiliate link)

wisdom of menopause by Christianne Northrup

How Hot was your Flash? Julia had one during the night – or at least she’s 90% sure she had one… but woke up super hot. But Sarah didn’t really have one this week.

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