The Sun! It Burns – Especially When You Grow Up In Hawaii – Season 1 – Episode #5

(Episode recorded in Fall 2017)

Photo by Suhyeon Choi on Unsplash

In our check in, Julia had a busy week with International travel for work (3 days in Canada ) and her daughter ending Preschool. Big Day! Sarah’s youngest is starting High School, even though it feels like summer. And she’s slept so well after using last week’s episode’s tips from Dr. Northrup.

Listen to Episode 5 now on iTunes.

How Hot Was Your Flash: neither of us had any this week, but we heard from a mutual friend who had not had any in a year and has now had one again, out of the blue.

Bible Study: Chapter 11 From Rosebud to Rose Hip: the chapter deals with skincare. We talk about our skin, about how we got a lot of sunburns when we were kids in Hawaii, and so we’ve got some sun damage to deal with. We acknowledge that we have wrinkles, but we wonder if we could change our skin tone and glow by eating differently and getting more rest? Worth a try! (affiliate link)

wisdom of menopause by Christianne Northrup

We chat about Antioxidants and Free Radicals – which sounded like mumbo jumbo when we first heard about it, but turns out is real science… We talk about how we don’t follow through on the routines that our Dermatologists have given us. Hmmm. We talk about “Don’t go to the drugstore without me” Sarah may not have acne, but she has hair in places she would prefer not to. She has a lot of hair over her whole body. When she was a kid she used hair bleach, she’s done electrolysis, laser treatments, waxing plucking. Thank you, Mediterranean genes. But she would rather HAVE hair than go bald. And Sarah is jealous of Julia being BLONDE. We talk about age spots – and especially our HANDS. We learned it comes from the inside out.

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