BRAINS! Season 1 – Episode #4

(Episode recorded in Fall 2017)

Julia starts the episode off about when she was on her morning walk,  a man pulled over to tell her she looked good. She was surprised to say the least. This hasn’t happened in a looooooong time.  It was sort of nice to know there is still something going on, but also a little strange!

Bible Study: Chapter 10 – Brain Health – Sarah was very interested in the part of the chapter about sleeping, because who doesn’t want more and better sleep? Dr. Northrup talks about the “Gerbil Wheel” effect and a trick to stop worrying at night: write your worries down and think about them later – Sarah tried it and it worked! Julia, the lucky one, has always been a good sleeper!

Finding the the joy in life 

Listen to Episode 4 now on iTunes.

Memory issues – menopause can affect memory and it may not be signs of dementia – your brain can become more sophisticated as you age! And keep your brain sharp by learning new things – like HOW TO PODCAST which after many episodes is still confounding us from time to time. Boy, are we keeping our brains young. 

The main thing is: Find the the joy in life and get over yourself. One handy book to help with this: The Subtle Art of Not Giving A F*ck by Mark Manson.

Here’s our affiliate link to buy the book for yourself (affiliate link):

subtle art of not giving a fuck amazon link

Lastly – we want to ban the words: SENIOR MOMENT!

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