How Much Does A Hen Weigh? Season 1 – Episode #3

(Episode 3  recorded in Fall 2017) 

oooooohhhhhhh—–we swear in this one! (And it won’t be the first time!)

Try to keep it clean, ladies. (Photo by Jordan Whitt on Unsplash)

We discuss an article calling “Menopausal Women are the New Black” and that we’re being called the Perennials which leads us to talking about fashion trends that work for women of many ages – like the crossover of shopping at the same stores: Old Navy, Hollister, H&M etc.

(And like many women who may experience foggy memory during menopause, we can’t find the link to the danged article!!)

Listen to Episode 3 now on iTunes.

New Segment! Bible Study: We will be reading one chapter per episode of The Wisdom of Menopause by Christiane Northrup and discussing. We start with Chapter 7 “Balance your hormones and prevent middle aged spread.” Look, it’s harder to lose weight when you’re in menopause. There you have it. But you gotta start where you are. (affiliate link)

wisdom of menopause by Christianne Northrup

We discuss what workouts work for us. And what our overall diets look like. And we commiserate about how easy it seems it is for men to lose weight (both of our husbands, anyway!). We also calculate our BMIs.

And we tell the world how much we weigh! We are not afraid.

Dr. Northrup cautions for patience. Plus SUPPLEMENTS. (“I didn’t ask for the Anal Probe.”

How Hot Was Your Flash? Our friend told us a story about a group of women who when they all got together, even in Winter, they would all strip down to their tank tops! 

**In the episode we say we don’t get $$ if you buy the book. But now, we do as we  have joined the Amazon Affiliate program**

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