More In Depth About The Why – Season 1 – Episode #2

Sarah & Julia

(Episode recorded in fall 2017.)

We start with Age before blonde (haha!): Sarah talks about turning 55 and apparently being in Menopause – talks about the wine- and sugar-induced hot flashes, the heart palpitations that came on suddenly and could be part of menopause. BUT, she has been told her hormone levels are those of an ovulating woman…foreshadow for later episode!

We wonder: is it quantifiable? How much “in menopause” can you be?

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Julia tells her story about having a baby at 44 and now being 50. She found her body changed after the baby, has not had a period for 2 years, and slowly realized she was probably in menopause. She was feeling her hormones were out of whack and her life was out of balance. The Murderous Rage is born. Her Doctor prescribed hormone replacement therapy – estrogen patch and progesterone pills – and now she is wanting to get a follow-up with her Docotor and wonders if an Endocrinologist would be appropriate.

We then launch into how this all started: When we got our periods and what that was like – how it felt, how our parents reacted, learning how to use tampons!

We launch the segment: How Hot Was Your Flash??

Disclaimer: we are not doctors; do not take what we say as medical advice!

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