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Menopodcast is a show about real life with Menopause in the 21st Century, hosted by two modern moms, juggling work, marriage and kids; this is not your Grandma’s Menopause.

Menopodcast is hosted by Sarah and Julia, friends since growing up on Maui in the 70’s. We are working moms, who’ve still got kids at home, who started experiencing menopause and peri-menopause, looked around for support and answers, and didn’t find much that reflected our reality.

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Sarah & Julia, before they stopped coloring their hair…

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This inspired us to start a podcast and continue our research into this culturally taboo subject. You get to listen in as two friends share what they are learning. Our casual style and tendency to laugh (especially at ourselves) makes this subject accessible to our audience.

In the first four seasons, we chose a book about Menopause and discussed a chapter per episode, going in depth on that chapter’s topic and sharing our personal experience. We start each episode with an introduction, then dive into the chapter and end with a segment called “How Hot Was Your Flash?”.

Additional episodes are interviews with authors or women of a certain age and attitude. Guests have included Sandra Tsing Loh, Anne Kreamer, and Nina Lorez Collins, among others. We feel the interviews offer our listeners a chance to spend time with some of the amazing women we know who have gone through menopause already and are inspiring role models.

Season Five is a bit different, with Deep Dives into specific topics, one per episode. So click over to iTunes, TuneIn, I Heart Radio, Stitcher, Spotify, or the Google Play Store and Subscribe!

Buckle up! This is not your Grandma’s Menopause!

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